zSpace AR / VR in Texas

Engineering Student Learning in Texas

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zSpace AR / VR in Texas

Engineering Student Learning in Texas

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Texas School of Distinction

Schluter Elementary School (Fort Worth, TX)

At Schluter Elementary School, STEAMbassadors (3rd-5th graders who coach other students in using STEAM resources) help peers develop critical thinking and problem solving skills using zSpace applications and zSpace Experiences (a learning app with experiential-based simulations that connect to real-world phenomena, such as waves and erosion).


Texas District of Distinction

El Paso Independent School District (El Paso, TX)

El Paso ISD and zSpace have partnered to innovate and share best practices on AR/VR and other cutting edge developments. The district purchased 45 zSpace systems for Career and Technical Education (CTE) labs in three high schools where students benefit from lifelike learning, especially in the areas of health sciences and automotive.

Making Waves at Schluter Elementary - zSpace Experiences

STEAMbassadors (2nd-5th graders who coach other students in using STEAM resources) help peers develop causal analysis skills with zSpace Experiences - a learning app with experiential-based simulations that promotes collaboration between students and critical thinking about real-world experiences, such as waves and erosion, the Earth's tectonic plates, and our solar system.

CTE Gets Real at Manor High School - Automotive and Welding

Manor High School's CTE programs aim to give students ample opportunity to sharpen the hands-on skills needed for technical careers, such as automotive mechanics and welding. In a safe, realistic Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) environment, students can fearlessly disassemble and repair automotive components and master core welding skills, like precision and dexterity.


zSpace in the News - Exciting AR/VR Experiences in Texas

STEM and CTE students across The Lone Star State are sharing the thrill of learning through Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) experiences! They're examining highly detailed virtual models of human body systems, performing virtual dissections of plants and animals, building complex circuits, and much more. A totally unprecedented and engaging way of learning!

The Texas Training of Trainers is 3 solid days of learning, collaboration, planning, and building resident expertise in the implementation of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) to engineer meaningful learning for all levels of students. On top of developing a comprehensive plan for AR/VR integration into your specific programs, we'll have a networking opportunity where everyone builds off each others ideas and insights.

Teachers, technology specialists, admins, CTE directors and instructors - we've had a diverse group of guests, and so many inspiring discussions!

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Highlights and Attendee Feedback (Dallas ToT, April 2019)


Building Resident Expertise in AR/VR Technology and Engineering Meaningful Learning Experiences

Embracing educational technology in classrooms and making connections between Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and STEM, Career & Technical Education (CTE), Higher Education, English & Language Arts and Social Studies classes, fostering creativity, developing soft skills, learning transformation in Texas schools and alignment with state standards (TEKS).

Download Full Episode - MarketScale Mornings (Dallas, TX)

On-Demand Webinars for Texas Leadership

March 9-10, 2020 - Berkner High School

A unique training opportunity focused on developing a comprehensive plan for AR/VR implementation and impact, building capacity for zSpace in Texas schools and districts, learning how to coach peers in the effective use of AR/VR to support instructional goals and student learning, and networking with other zSpace users in Texas.

ACET 2020 Spring Conference (San Marcos, TX)

April 28-30, 2020 - City of San Marcos Conference Center

Come experience a demo of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) for experiential learning in STEM, CTE, and Higher Education with zSpace. Look out for our booth (details coming soon)!

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What is a Learning Engineer?

LEARNING ENGINEERS are transformational, innovative, future-forward guides and facilitators who shape student experiences through the thoughtful development and differentiation of lessons, continuously rerouting students to success and leading them towards their passions.

This definition is framed by a learner-centered, equity-focused approach and an emphasis on consistently building relationships, insuring relevance, and achieving rigorous levels of learning.

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Origin of the Definition

At a recent Texas zSpace Training of Trainers, a group of educational leaders determined that in order to insure educators become LEARNING ENGINEERS, proper modeling, support and coaching are essential. A shift from reformation to transformation is needed. A willingness to relinquish control is required as well. According to the group, the result of developing LEARNING ENGINEERS will be greater levels of creativity and innovation as well as true integration for depth of learning.

LEARNING ENGINEERS will be equipped to shift classroom culture in a manner that leads to increased levels of student confidence and learners’ enhanced ability to make cognitive connections.

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Best Practices Exchange

Share best practices with other zSpace users (and soon-to-be users!) around the world on integrating AR/VR into specific programs, teaching certain activities, navigating through learning apps, and much more!

Teacher-created Resources

Not sure where to start planning for your next lesson with zSpace? Select from numerous teacher-created lesson plans, activity guides, and other helpful resources on the Community that can give you ideas!

Global EDU Connections

A diverse world presents a wonderful opportunity to learn from one another. Make global connections with educators from around the world - a chance to discover diversity in teaching and learning styles!

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