Engage Students with Special Needs in Computer Science and Math Using AR/VR

Recorded September 21, 2022


Each state is beginning to adopt standards for computer science and digital fluency.  Have you considered the implication for your students with special needs?  We’d like to partner with you to get ahead of the curve and look at the opportunity that these standards provide through the lens of special education.

  • Learn more about impact of AR/VR on neurodivergent learners
  • Understand how zSpace supports neurodivergent learners
  • Understand the connection among blocks-based coding, mathematics, and computer science
  • Examine how BlocksCAD supports special populations of students


Joe Parlier_Headshot (Circle)

Joe Parlier, Ed.D.
Sr. Director, Education Solutions
zSpace, Inc.

Rebecca Hite_Headshot (Circle)

Rebecca Hite, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Researcher,
Texas Tech University

Jonah headshot

Jonah Boucher
High School Math Teacher